In the words of Lucy, “Do you feel tired, rundown, listless? Do you poop out at parties?” The answer to that question is commonly yes, to all of the above. While vitameatavegamin may be a great resource for nutrients, it is still difficult to obtain optimal blood nutrient levels by oral measures. So unless you personally enjoy the taste of your vitamin, perhaps another option is the correct choice for you.

Originally created by John Myer, M.D., a physician in Baltimore, Maryland, a Myer’s Cocktail is a blend of vitamins and minerals designed to help improve immune function and energy. Dr. Myer began using intravenous injections to help his patients with chronic conditions including but not limited to seasonal allergies, chronic fatigue, migraines and asthma attacks. The theory behind the use of intravenous therapy is that it can bypass some of the normal degradation of those essential nutrients by our stomach and digestive tract, allowing our body to utilize the nutrients more than ever before. In patients with chronic illness, their bodies had a higher tendency to be deplete, even if just slightly, of essential vitamins and nutrients which will affect how well the immune system can respond to attacks.


This “Cocktail” includes calcium, magnesium, vitamin B complex, vitamin B12 and vitamin C. This combination of vitamins and nutrients are necessary for proper immune and daily body functioning including rebuilding and repair. Patients have also seen benefits from treatment with Myer’s Cocktail for acute, or time limited issues as well including the common cold, influenza, seasonal allergies, brain fog, malabsorption and fatigue. By using this concoction, a person can quickly and easily improve their daily health and help alleviate symptoms of illness. With intravenous administration, a smaller concentration or amount of vitamin is needed to reach appropriate levels within the body and blood than would be required by oral administration, in order to help maintain immune function and health. The process is quick, about 10-15 minutes, and uses only a butterfly needle. There are limited potential side effects including feeling warm or flushing, which is typically the result of receiving the therapy too quickly or lower blood pressure; however, patients are monitored before, during and after administration to reduce any side effects.

        This type of intravenous therapy has been used for close to 50 years with millions of satisfied patients. It is safe, effective and can help in several different conditions. Ask Dr. Bogema today if this treatment is right for you!



Myer's Cocktail

Intravenous Glutathione

Intravenous Glutathione

Glut-a-what? Glutathione (pronounced glu-tuh-thigh-own) is a master antioxidant. It is naturally produced in every one of our body’s cells but more specifically in the liver, where our body focuses on metabolism and digestion. Glutathione works by helping to neutralize oxygen intermediates, which are extra bits of oxygen that can cause damage to our cells and even damage new growth. This molecule also plays a large role in helping our body to safely eliminate waste products that can otherwise harm our body including extra pieces of medications so other organs, especially the kidneys, are not damaged.

Ordinarily, people should create enough glutathione to deal with normal life stress and diets, but as we have more processed foods that are high in animal fat and preservatives, our stores of glutathione becomes depleted. Another problem is when too many medications are taken, or we place additional burdens on our body which include chronic conditions such as diabetes, autoimmune disorders, drinking alcohol or frequent injury to the body (including sun exposure and aging). When our body lacks glutathione, damage can occur to cells that are already sick cells, healthy cells and stop the growth of new, healthy cells. In fact, some people who have sustained low levels of glutathione are placed at higher risk for the development of multiple cancers and autoimmune disorders.

What can be done to help replenish such a vital molecule? Glutathione is offered as a capsule or tablet, but the problem is that glutathione loves to react with almost everything including…oxygen, which is found in abundance in the air.

It must also be covered from light exposure because that will also cause the molecule to

react and be useless. The best option to help restore your body’s glutathione is through

intravenous administration, where a small butterfly needle is inserted and given directly

to the blood stream over 5-10 minutes. The product is consistently protected from light

and delivered to you for a boost in energy while helping the body to release built up

toxins and medications. Ask Dr. Bogema if intravenous glutathione is right for you!