Nutritional Consultant 


Crystal is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner  who thrives at making deep connections with her clients. She combines nutritional counseling, whole foods education and stress response management techniques to help her clients transform their health in small, sustainable ways that make a large, lasting impact.  

With 9 years of experience in holistic health care – at chiropractic, functional and integrative medicine offices – she has developed a deep understanding of what it takes to truly optimize ones health. It has become her passion to empower people to discover which foods and habits make them feel vibrant and energetic and which drain them. 
No food philosophy or diet can yield the same results for everyone, it’s imperative to strengthen your intuition to begin to understand the messages your body is giving you. Diseases and symptoms of discomfort are our bodies way of saying “I’m out of balance! Pay attention to me!”. 
She work with a biological approach called bio individuality,  that treats you as a whole person with unique needs.  It is not a one sized fits all approach! We will work together to create a customize plan that will help your body reach its own natural balance, which will then allow it to heal.
Crystal specializes in hormones, inflammation, and gut health because she believes they are intricately connected. When you have one imbalanced, it creates an overall imbalance. And when you fix one, the other one improves. She is convinced that they are the root cause of most diseases and symptoms.