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Meet Carrie...

eet Cathy...

Tears of joy with renewed hope!


On March 18, 2012 I was in a tragic motorcycle accident, in which I never should have survived. I will try not to bore you or draw this out too much, but some history helps to understand the incredible struggles I’ve endured and how Dr. Patricia Bogema brings me to tears of joy.


During this accident, I was tossed more than 20 feet from a motorcycle landing upside down on my head

and crushing my skull. Crazy as it maybe, I managed to walk back to my bike and return home. Safe to say, it was not my time to go. When I arrived home, I was unpleasantly welcomed with screams of horror.


Long story short, I made it through brain surgery and reconstruction of my skull. Fast forward a year, I struggled daily with excruciating pain, suicidal depression and a foggy brain. I knew I needed help, but on that day and at that moment I couldn’t possibly realize how bad. My condition was so extreme my own mind had not grasped it. I was referred to Dr. Patricia Bogema and the healing began.


In the past few years, Dr. Bogema has worked to get my body back on track from a complete adrenal melt down affecting just about every hormone imaginable. Although much progress had been made, I still struggled hopelessly with excruciating chronic pain. I honestly can say that I would take anything that would relieve me for a moment. I felt like I had tried everything which can be a very hopeless feeling especially with frequent flashbacks to hardest moment in my recovery when my neurosurgeon flat out said “you will be in pain for the rest of your life, but at least you lived”.



A couple weeks ago Dr. Bogema began telling me about a new treatment she was going to be offering at her office called IV Glutathione and Myers Cocktail. After the comment that I would be in pain forever and many hours of feeling defeated and depressed, I decided that I would not end the fight and I would not live in pain forever. I of course would give this treatment a chance, thank god I did. Yes, she nailed it! Not overnight, but with ongoing research, targeted test, and adjustments.


I had my first treatment of Intravenous Glutathione, which resulted in heightened energy to follow for numerous days. The glimpse of feeling normal had me intrigued so I scheduled an appointment for the combination treatment including Glutathione and Myers Cocktail. The morning after this treatment I didn’t follow my normal routine of reaching over in my bed for pain pills that I had done so for four and half years. I hopped out of bed and walked with a pep in my step that I hadn’t felt in ages. My pain was gone, my thoughts were clear, my energy restored! I found myself rolling up on 5:00pm and still working away without a thought of pain or taking pills all day. I had previously struggled to do anything after 2 to 3pm without thoughts of trying to relieve my pain and an overwhelming feeling of frustration and sadness. I sit here days later amazed busting into tears of joy.


After so many years of my son seeing me cry from pain and pure exhaustion, today I am able to tell him I am crying because I feel good, I feel normal, I have hope and I am happy!


Thank you Dr. Bogema and your team of professionals, for facing this battle with me and not allowing me to give up! I wouldn’t be here today without you and all your help, compassion, and the continuous education you seek to enhance the lives of your patients.

Meet Cathy...

Around 2003 I was diagnosed with RAI due to Grave’s Disease. For about 10 years I had been increasing my dosages of synthetic thyroid medication, and had visited five different doctors in an attempt to find relief to my growing symptoms. I felt defeated and disappointed. Many of these doctors would refuse my request to try natural porcine-derived thyroid replacement to relieve my symptoms.


I found Dr. Bogema, and my very first visit to her office I felt elated! She showed me a chart of Synthetic vs. Natural Thyroid Medication, and I felt relieved knowing that she had the knowledge I needed to relieve my symptoms. I received my very first trial of Compounded Nature thyroid. I was amazed by my body’s reaction. It has now been several months and I am feeling optimal on the compounded T3/T4 medication.  


It has been a team effort of Dr. Bogema and I working together to care for my adrenals, supplement support for the numerous deficiencies, making good nutritional decisions, and better exercise choices.


Above all, it is encouraging to find a doctor that listens to the needs of my body and knows what it takes to get me back to 100%.


I would recommend Dr. Bogema every time!


May 2012

While on T4 only medicine (Synthroid and then Levothyroxine).

May 2014

After being treated by Dr. Bogema.

Meet Tamara...

When I first came to see Dr. Bogema I knew I was ready to crack – at least that is the way I was feeling. I had just lost my dad to cancer. The emotional struggle of watching my father decline and pass, the physical exhaustion of caring for him, and working full time during this process had taken their toll on me. My cognitive function wasn’t functioning, my short term memory was in serious decline, and sleep was only something I dreamed about – that is if I could sleep long enough to dream. I knew something was seriously wrong but just thought it was exhaustion. Six months later nothing was improving.


While searching for a doctor, I made an appointment with Dr. Bogema to see how she practiced medicine. I knew I needed help, but dreaded the usual “here’s a prescription for this and let’s try some anti-depressants for that because…. why not!” I watched my dad die a horrible death and I am watching my mother live a horrible life to bad health and a multitude of prescription drugs, and I knew I didn’t want either option for my destiny.


After thorough blood tests, and Dr. Bogema’s tremendous knowledge and guidance, we came up with a supplement and bio-identical hormone plan that has changed my life! I’m back!! I have my brain back, I am sleeping, and feel better than I have in over a decade. Good Bye to a multitude of symptoms that I just thought was a normal part of aging. Though we are still tweaking things a bit here and a bit there, I am so addicted to feeling wonderful that I am willing to put forth the effort and patience to be hormonally balanced and healthy.


I am so happy, lucky, and blessed to have found Dr. Bogema! Her advice, knowledge, and guidance is irreplaceable. I also value the book recommendations that she provides so I can educate myself on my health.


After my dad, Dr. Bogema is my hero.


Meet Jenny...

I was formally diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroid Disease back in 2013, but had been suffering with the symptoms since I was a teenager. I spent a couple of years struggling on Levothyroxine, searching desperately for a doctor that would treat with natural medication.


When I finally found Dr. Bogema, my adrenals were shot, I was having panic attacks and horrible anxiety. I was bloated and exhausted and at my wits end. I honestly felt like I was dying. She walked into her office where I was waiting and changed my life in a matter of 30 minutes, just by listening to my story and explaining why the natural medication would most likely work better for me.


I walked out of her office crying tears of joy, went straight to the pharmacy and picked up my new medication, and I am not exaggerating when I say the very same day I took that first pill, I noticed a difference. My light came back, my energy came back. Every time I went to see her with any concern, she addressed it. All of the advice she has given me has aided in making me feel well again. She is so knowledgeable and so kind, and really has the patients' best interests in mind.


I can't say enough how grateful I am to her for changing my life and helping me to get well again.


Thank you, Dr. Bogema!


Meet Julie...

Dear Dr. Bogema,

I just wanted to Thank You for helping me feel my best and achieve my dreams!  
I'm 52 and feel great on Bio identical hormones and vitamins from you.  
I recently won the Amateur Champion on my horse Rikki, and you are part of my journey and success!  I couldn't be happier!! 

Thanks again for your dedication to health and wellness!  I couldn't have done it without you!



Blazing Amazing

Julie Perry riding Shes Blazin Amazin: Classic Equine Amateur Futurity Champion


   Six years ago, Julie Perry was employed in the front office of In Foal Incorporated while Rick Beck, DVM, was working to pioneer the ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injections) procedure in equine reproduction. When the opportunity arose, Perry volunteered to be a part of the program with an older, stakes-winning, stakesproducing mare. The result was Shes Blazin Amazin, who's by Blazin Jetolena out of Sixarunner, who's by Sixarun. 

   Today, Shes Blazin Amazin is the Classic Equine Amateur Futurity champion and is believed to be the first Quarter Horse in California born from ICSI and one of the first ICSI babies in the United States to win money. 

   "We are so incredibly excited about this," said Perry, 52, who rode horses when she was a child but quit for 25 years prior to riding Shes Blazin Amazin. " I was excited to get there, but I've been preparing for this for the last three years, and I was ready to get it done."

   Perry and Shes Blazin Amazin won $902 at the C-N Futurity before traveling to Arizona, so Perry wasn't suprised when they had 1D times of 17.756 and 173.514 at the Classic Equine Futurity. 

   "It was great; I was just thrilled," Perry said. " She's a free-runner. She's very powerful and smooth. I can't wait until we can make really tight turns and see what she does then. For her to lay down those types of runs with an amateur riding her was amazing. I feel very fortunate."

   Shes Blazin Amain spent her first 90 days for work with Ryan Lovendahl, but Perry has done the rest herself. 

   "She hit the ground a winner," Perry said. "Ever since she split to two cells, she's been perfect. I can't wait to see what the future holds for her."


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