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Patricia Bogema defied the odds when she started her undergraduate degree at Norco College at age 38. A true success story, Dr. Bogema transferred to California State University, San Bernardino, was then admitted to medical school as a grandmother at Western University Medical Center. Today, she is a successful physician in the City of Corona. She credits Norco College for giving her the opportunity to start her college education and fulfill a dream she never thought possible. 

Dr. Bogema started her medical career as a hospital doctor and then transitioned to private practice while doing additional training in Fictional Medicine. In her practice as an Internal Medicine doctor with the additional training, she treats patients with both acute and chronic illnesses like traditional doctors do by her focus is to educate her patients and provide alternative options to pharmaceuticals if possible and help the body heal itself. Her goal is to prevent illness, slow down aging, and to help patients reverse chronic illnesses such as diabetes and hypertension. She does this by treating underlying conditions with healthy lifestyle changes, optimizing nutrient levels and balancing hormones. She is known for her expertise in hormone replacement therapy for both men and women to help them restore vitality and quality of life. She understands that importance of listening to her patients and takes the time to get a detailed medical history then will personalize her care with comprehensive testing and customized treatments to help then achieve their goals. 

Although Dr. Bogema's private practice focuses on anti-aging and wellness, her passion and calling are to help patients at the end of their life. Dr. Bogema spent over 10 years as the Medical Director of Corona Regional Hospital's Hospice program and developed their Palliative Care program. Her other hospital positions included the Ethics Chair for over 7 years, and she was the first woman to hold an elected position in the Medicine Department as the Vice Chief of Medicine also at Corona Regional Hospital. She continues to be an active staff member there and at two other local hospitals. 

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