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Meet our Doctor

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Patricia Bogema, DO

Patricia Bogema, DO focuses a lot of hard work and determination in helping her patients achieve their desired results. On a daily basis, Dr. Bogema is amazed and humbled because she feels that by being a physician and practicing medicine, she is living her dream of helping others to achieve optimal health. As a teenager, Dr. Bogema became interested in medicine after reading books by pioneering nutritionists. She pursued this passion throughout her adult life attending medical school and eventually becoming a doctor.

Dr. Patricia Bogema decided to become an osteopathic physician and specializes in internal medicine. She takes a more holistic approach to medicine than a traditional medical doctor (M.D.). She wanted to focus on osteopathic medicine because this modality of medicine helps the body heal itself and does not just treat symptoms. After practicing as an Osteopathic physician for a number of years, Dr. Bogema decided to further her education, and she then learned about anti-aging and regenerative medicine, she integrated primary care with functional and anti aging medicine to optimize

her patients quality of life. One of the most advanced anti-aging therapies is Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, and Dr. Bogema has used this therapy to treat hundreds of men and women suffering from the effects of deficient or imbalanced hormones.

Offering customized Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy plans, Dr. Bogema has changed the lives of countless patients. Life changing results have enabled a large majority of Dr. Bogema’s patients to feel and look healthier, while increasing their enjoyment of daily life.

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